Important Dates

The main theme of the 18th International Conference is “Surviving and Thriving”.  The CDIO Initiative welcomes diverse ideas and invites people to submit proposals for papers and presentations, as well as participate in the conference.

Call for Papers

The CDIO approach ( is an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. It is a framework for providing students with an education stressing engineering fundamentals set in the context of Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating (CDIO) real‐world systems and products.

CDIO collaborators recognize that engineering education is acquired through programs of varying lengths and stages in a variety of institutions and that educators in all parts of this spectrum can learn from practice elsewhere. Several times each year, CDIO collaborating institutions, engineering educators and researchers gather to exchange ideas and experiences, review developments, assess and further refine the CDIO approach.

The CDIO Initiative welcomes your ideas and invites proposals for papers, working groups, workshops and roundtables at the 18th International CDIO Conference. The conference takes place at 13-15 June 2022 at Reykjavík University in Iceland. Additional information on the conference is available at

The main theme of the conference is “Surviving and Thriving”. Proposals for contributions are welcome on topics relevant to the CDIO approach and the conference theme. For Paper contributions, the presentation formats are Podium Presentations and Poster Presentations.

Workshops and Roundtable Discussions are contribution categories that do not require a full paper. Please see the sections below for more details about the contribution categories and presentation formats.

Detailed information on the Call for Paper can be found at here.


Conference Themes

The possible themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Attracting and Supporting Students
  • Change Processes, Leadership and Faculty Development
  • Cool New Ideas in Engineering Education
  • Curriculum and Course Development
  • Education for Sustainability, Internationalization
  • Engineering Projects & Introduction to Engineering
  • Learning Environments – Online and On-site
  • Online Modes during Pandemic, and Towards New Normal
  • Specific Modes for Teaching/Learning and Assessment


Presentation guidelines will be updated here a little later:

  • Podium Presentation Guidelines
    • Presentation template
  • Poster Presentation
    • Poster template
    • Poster teaser template
    • Poster teaser sample
  • Workshop
  • Roundtable Discussions

List of contributions and registered authors (To be updated)

  • Papers (EER, CDIO implementation, Advances in CDIO, Projects in progress)
  • Activities (Roundtable Discussions, Workshops and Working Groups

Conference Proceedings

The 17th CDIO International Conference Proceedings is here.

Project-in-progress Manuscripts will be listed below:

  • Nothing as of 2021-09-13